Creative Arts bases its teaching methods on constructivist learning theory developed on the premise that students construct their own understanding of the world by generating rules and mental models that help them make sense of experiences. Learning occurs when these mental models are adjusted to accommodate new experiences. Students explore and learn the core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies through direct experience and a hands-on curriculum with an arts-integrated focus.

  • All of the nine grade levels employ project-based learning whenever possible to help students understand the multifaceted relationships among academic subjects, technical and life skills, and the greater world.
  • Students also study the arts as distinct disciplines that become more formalized as students progress through the middle school years.
  • Our teachers practice innovative and diverse teaching models that value students as unique individuals with varied learning styles.
  • This approach is supported by small classes housed in a small school environment.
  • Families are encouraged to participate actively in the learning experience.

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