Creative Arts is partnered with Leap, a SF based arts organization whose mission is to provide high-quality arts education programs that help students build skills to achieve their fullest potential. 

This year, each K-5 classroom and Middle School Humanities classes will  collaborate with a Leap artist to use creative techniques and artistic processes to make meaning in select units of study.  The following artists will work with for 10 weeks in kindergarten, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th grade.

  • Kindergarten: Local painter Catherine Sky is creating a tree in each kindergarten classroom as part of their “A walk in the Woods’ unit.
  • 3rd grade: SF architect Jane Lin is collaborating with 3rd grade as part of their SF neighborhood study and creating a large scale model of San Francisco.
  • 4th grade: Jane Lin is also collaborating with 4th graders in their study of California, with focus on climate, mapping and mission influence. Students will create a “cut-away” model that will reveal the real story behind the missions.
  • 5th grade: Oscar Maynard is a Bay Area printmaker, who is collaborating with 5th graders as they examine Colonialism through a contemporary arts lens.
  • 7/8th grade: Oscar is also collaborating with 7th and 8th graders as part of their MARS unit, which explores government systems by colonizing MARS.

In addition, we have a visiting percussionist Alfie Macias, working with our Kindergarten and our music specialist Sam Mell for a yearlong music residency. 

 Check out Leap here

Kindergarteners making music with Alfie Macias in their percussion circle

Kindergarteners making music with Alfie Macias in their percussion circle

3rd grade class observing, discussing and sketching SF neighborhoods with architect Jane Lin.