Annual Fund


As a public school, Creative Arts Charter School receives state and local funding that covers most of our basic needs. Everything above that—everything that makes CACS so special—comes from our community fundraising. This year our overall fundraising goal is $350,000. That equates to almost 10% of our annual operating budget and will fund our entire arts program. We aim to raise $175,000 of that through our Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund is where our community gets to shine and show our collective spirit of generosity. Just as important as how much money we raise is that each family participates in whatever way is meaningful to them. Getting as close to 100% participation as possible is a core goal of the Annual Fund.

Watch the Annual Fund progress banner in the school yard fill up!



  • ONLINE You can choose a one-time donation or set up a MONTHLY INSTALLMENT PLAN. If you’d like to make a larger donation but can’t do it all at once, just select the amount you’d like to donate and click the “I would like this donation to automatically repeat each month” option in the “Donation Information” box above.

  • IN PERSON Bring your cash or check contribution to the office or find a red-aproned Annual Fund crew member at any school event.

  • Make a PLEDGE. Plan to donate during the second semester? Just let us know, and we’ll count your pledge as your participation. Pledge a one-time payment or installments to start after the New Year or at tax time. Email us at with your name, student name/grade, email and donation date. We’ll mark you down and send you a reminder as your pledge date arrives.

  • COMPANY MATCHING Be sure to check your employer’s program. Many companies will match employee donations and/or make a contribution in correlation with your volunteer hours! Please contact Co-Chair Jessica Rucker via if you have questions or need assistance.

cacs_100-in-100-days_orange_200pxwide100-in-100 ANNUAL FUND DRIVE

The aim of our 100-in-100 drive is to reach 100% community participation in 100 days in the fall of 2017.

No matter the size of your contribution – $5, $50, $500, $5,000, any amount that works for your family – it is your participation that counts!

CACS has never achieved 100% participation. In 2016, we reached 70% participation and with that we exceeded our monetary goal by $40,000.

Imagine what we can achieve together if we reach 100%.




So many amazing things! Some may be modest, but all are impactful:

  • Paint, pencils, crayons & oil pastels
  • Clay, papier mâché, glue & scissors
  • Rulers, compasses, maps & games
  • Guitars, drums, xylophones & microphones
  • Curriculum-driven books
  • Academic support through homework club
  • After School and Summer Camp scholarships
  • Field trip scholarships
  • Photography equipment
  • Inspiring science kits
  • Current technology carts
  • Spring show on a professional stage
  • Inspired arts-integrated projects
  • Innovative professional development
  • Community partnerships
  • Artists-in-residence
  • Dedicated Visual Arts Specialist
  • Dedicated Dance Specialist
  • Dedicated Music Specialist
  • Director of Arts
  • Music in the halls
  • Art on the walls
  • 440 Lifelong Learners

On top of all that, your involvement generates enthusiasm and encourages others inside and outside of our community to join in. The higher the community participation, the more appealing our school is to outside donors—in pursuit of anything from grants to corporate partnerships.

There are hundreds of reasons to love Creative Arts Charter School. Show your love right now by making your annual fund contribution.