” We are Makers & Thinkers!” from 5:30pm-8pm. As we prepare for this celebratory event where our students will share what they know & their process for learning with you, we also recognize the tragic event that occurred this past weekend in Oakland and how it impacts the Bay Area arts community. To share our support for the families who lost loved ones and the residents, we will have a collection jar at the sign-in table to contribute to the go-fund me page. linked here: https://www.gofundme.com/ghost-ship-fire-residents-support

To prepare for tomorrow,  please review the schedule & info below.

  • Prepare for a rainy & chilly evening! We hope to see every family tomorrow!
  • Scheduled to rain, so everything that was happening outside will be held in cafeteria.
  • Some classrooms will be selling art products or experiences from their studies: exchange your cash for dragon bucks at the checkin table and roving $ exchangers. Dragon Bucks are only used for classroom pieces.
  • We have parent makers! Parent makers use cash and handle their own transactions.
  • Bring cans of food for the food bank and receive raffle tickets for our artful drawing.
Thursday’s Schedule:
  • All classroom exhibits open from 5:30pm-8pm. Program will detail the location and description.
  • 5:30pm: 6th grade band in cafeteria
  • 5:40-6:00: Justin’s class “Great Quakes!” works in progress, dance room
  • 5:45pm: 7th grade theatre in cafe
  • 6pm-6:15pm: Kinder percussion performance in music room
  • 6:15pm: 8th grade theatre performance in cafeteria
  • 6-6:20pm: 3rd grade Sarah’s Class Neighborhood dances. works in progress, dance room
  • 625-6:50pm- 2nd grade Katie’s Class, Dances of Long Ago: 1960’s Dance Party!
  • 6:30pm: 7th grade band in cafeteria
  • 6:30-7pm: 4th grade Mission performance in Music room
  • 6:45pm: Afterschool capoiera in cafeteria
  • 6:50-715 3rd grade Mizuho, Dances of Long Ago: 1960’s Dance Party! Dance room
  • 7:00pm: 8th grade band in cafeteria
  • 7:15-7:50pm: 5th grade Dancing the Spheres of our Earth: works in progress Dillon’s class then Joanna’s class in the cafeteria