Creative Arts overflowed with families for our 2nd Annual Exhibition of Learning- “We are Makers & Thinkers”- on Thursday, December 18, 2014 from 5:30pm-8:00pm. All K-8 classrooms were open for exploration and crafted something to share their learning, whether it be an artful product, a wall exhibit, interactive demonstrations/experiences, or performances. A stroll through the exhibits revealed a variety of wonders, such as 7th grade students testing their newly designed prosthetic prototypes for a fictionalized amputee victim of war, a culminating project for their study of skeletal and muscle systems using Design Thinking; 1st graders performing community dances in the Dance Studio as a part of their Community Unit of study; 8th graders explaining their MARS colony, a project integrating humanities, science, and math as students; and 2nd graders telling personal family stories via a dinner theater experience.

Students created art pieces that evolved from their classroom studies. Most classes had a creative product for sale, which told the story of their learning. A sampling of works included kindergartners selling animal pins from their unit ” Woods,” 1st graders offering coloring books and a “Go Fish” game from their unit “Community,” 2nd graders hosting a printmaking station experience and block printed greeting cards from their ” Food” unit, and 3rd graders peddling San Francisco landmark prints, puzzles, and coasters from their unit “We are San Francisco.” Parent Artists exhibited too! Parent artists shared and sold their artwork, including comics, jewelry, knitting crafts, pottery and prints. Overall, the community was abuzz with art, creativity, and design on display in every classroom and hallway.