On Thursday, Dec 5, Creative Arts hosted our annual winter exhibition, celebrating our students’ creative thinking in grades K-8. The “We Are Makers” exhibition featured student work in humanities and the sciences, highlighting the school’s focus on arts-integration and project-based learning. The building was like a packed museum, with 3 floors of learning exhibits, performances, game play, and art products, all reflections of our students’ classroom study.

The variety of exhibits was phenomenal: kindergarten tree experts educated visitors about trees and forest ecosystems and demonstrated an owl pellet dissection. First graders shared their understanding of a community, and displayed their artistic depiction of the Western Addition in wood. The second grade has been studying the similarities and differences from life in the 1950’s vs. modern times; they performed classic 50’s dance moves and created a classroom photo booth with props and backgrounds reflective of their learning. Third graders shared their artist books documenting their oral history project on San Francisco, and shared San Francisco landmark prints and poems. Our fourth grade experts explored how California ecosystems influenced the lives of Native Californians with dioramas of habitats and an interpretive dance journey through twenty-four hours in a California ecosystem. Meanwhile, 5th graders dazzled audiences with their knowledge of the solar system, the moon, and how ancient models of the solar system differ from what we know today, as well as a modern dance performance featuring celestial projections.

In middle school, sixth graders exhibited their student-created ancient society maps, detailing how geography influenced the development of early civilizations. In the seventh grade classrooms, families tested prosthetic arms that students designed to demonstrate their knowledge of the human skeletal and muscular systems and read student reflections about the challenges of the design process. Next door, visitors read student-created children’s books based on their Medieval times research papers, and got a chance to visit the Medieval photobooth. Eighth graders dialogued about food, politics, and health within Medieval times. Meanwhile, the halls buzzed with activity from our arts electives, ranging from photography, paper-cutting, glass-cutting, and films about our 7th and 8th grade choreographers and the dances they created.

Throughout the night, students and their families packed the halls, visiting exhibits, watching performances, and purchasing crafts made by students and families to support CACS. Through every door, families had an opportunity to see just a slice of what learning looks like at CACS. Thanks to all the students, family, and staff that made this evening possible!