You may have noticed a new look in the hallways or on school missives over the past several weeks. The Creative Arts Charter School name is suddenly surrounded by color and texture, and you may have also seen a small “Est. 1994” line added. This is the result of months of planning, ideation from the Creative Arts community, conceptual sketches, feedback, and iterations. Finally, we have a new logo!

The first step in the logo process was to solicit input from our talented, creative, and smart community.

Towards the end of the 2016-17 school year, we introduced a large poster on the first floor (near the Kinder classrooms) that asked Creative Arts community members (“Families, Teachers, Staff, Students” to write down their descriptors of the school.

We got a lot of input.

We synthesized the exuberant comments gathered on the poster and from conversations about it, and created a Word Cloud. We organized the multitude of descriptors into three main categories: Artful, Expressive, and Inclusive. This helped to crystallize the main feelings our community had about Creative Arts which must be present in the new identity. If the new logo expressed these ideas, we were most of the way there.

The Word Cloud served as a starting point for the logo concepts.

A set of eight logos were introduced to the Creative Arts community and posted in the main hallway to invite feedback.

From these, there were a couple of front-runners, shown on the far right in the collage above. There was also some discussion about the language — using the full name instead of an acronym, for instance. Another round of iterations was produced.

In the end, we felt that the rainbow watercolor masked by block letters that appear cut out by hand expressed all the attributes we needed to get across—Expressive, Artful, and Inclusive. The idea also leaves room for further demonstrations. The visual set up of the letters and the watercolor are on separate planes, and are windows onto one another, an idea that has further possibilities which can be explored. There are now several version of the logo to be used for various functions and formats.

Thank you to the fantastic Creative Arts community who gave us thoughtful opinions and allowed the space to make a change! We hope the outcome of our logo process reflects this spirit.