Portrait of a Graduate

We believe in, and are committed to, transformative learning, which is to say, an educational experience conducive to the development and application of strong intellect and character. To outline the intention behind our educational program, we developed the Portrait of a Graduate, a shared educational vision that grounds us in all that we do. While the language we have crafted rings true in the present, it is also aspirational, serving to provide a trellis for our vine and to keep us united in common pursuit toward future outcomes.


Social Justice

CACS graduates have a deep awareness of prejudice, fairness, and otherness. They have developed the tools to turn empathy into action, serve as allies to their peers, and advocate for their rights and the rights of others.


CACS graduates possess a strong sense of self-reliance and have the confidence to learn from their mistakes and acknowledge areas for personal improvement.


Intellectual Development

CACS graduates appreciate learning as a life-long pursuit of finding answers to their own questions. They are able to interpret, filter, and synthesize information and apply core academic skills to real world applications.


Artistic Development

CACS graduates understand the arts are rigorous disciplines essential to the human experience. They take joy in self-expression and use creativity as a tool for enriching their academic learning and deepening their cultural awareness.


Social Development

CACS graduates are responsible, self-directed persons, with developed communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills based on a respect for the perspectives of others.


Community Awareness

CACS graduates view diversity, tolerance, and compassion as templates that direct life. They are eager to invest in their community, take responsibility for its well-being, and participate in change for the greater good.