December featured CACS’ annual We Are Makers and Thinkers Exhibition of Learning, a celebration of our students’ work in their classes through the semester. Each grade staged an exhibition, with students presenting their ideas to families and friends. Here’s a sampler of class exhibitions:

  • Kindergarten: Hike through the Redwood Forest with kindergarten forest rangers. Learn about redwood trees and forest animals.
  • 1st grade: Come visit our Western Addition Community! You’ll learn all about the buildings, jobs, and important pieces of how a community works together
  • 2nd grade: Come see our investigations into plants and food! Watch us perform seed dances with Katie! Taste a pickle made by 2nd grade Sarah’s class
  • 3rd grade: The Jewel City. 3rd graders share their knowledge of San Francisco through the lens of the Panama Pacific Expo of 1915 and present day San Francisco.
  • 4th grade: Join our 4th grade regional expert tour guides and travel through all 8 regions of California.
  • 5th grade: Learn about the California gold rush through narratives written and spoken by the fifth graders.
  • 6th grade: Science students exhibit their prosthetic prototypes and learning through the Design Thinking process AND Humanities students will exhibit their many projects from studying Mesopotamia including Myths, Daggers, Cuneiforms and more.
  • 7th grade: Humanities Presentations on the history behind and materials used in religious structures such as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Mosque of Sultan Hassan in Cairo, and the Paravur Synagogue in Kerala. In addition, visitors can read student short stories that are based in the Middle Ages AND Math students will exhibit their sacred site structures. There will be 14 models to view in process.
  • 8th grade: Welcome to Mars. 8th graders are attempting to colonize Mars. Cardboard models, science fiction and more.

The evening also featured performances by a variety of students, including the 6th grade Jazz Band, 4th grade percussionists with Artist in Residence Alfie Macias, 7th-8th grade Rock Band, 1st grade community dances, and 2nd grade dance. It was an exciting night for all of our students to celebrate their learning!