How to apply

Apply here
The Lottery will be held Wednesday, March 8th at 10am on zoom
Lottery results and offer letters will be sent digitally the week of March 20th
Last day to accept or decline offers is Friday, April 7th
Offers will continue on a rolling basis starting April 10th
To apply for the current school year please email [email protected] or call (415)749-3509.

If you have questions or need support, please contact us at

Additional information about Creative Arts Charter School

Creative Arts Charter School (CACS) is non-sectarian in its programs, admissions policies, employment practices, and all other operations; does not charge tuition; and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Admission is for children whose ages meet the current California Education Code requirements and who reside in California.

Student Selection

A random public lottery is held every March at 10 am in the school office. The lottery is overseen by an SFUSD official. Initial offers are made based on lottery number order and student selection priority factors.

Priority factors

The school grants priority in admissions according to the following factors:

  • Gender balance: CACS shall maintain a gender balance of 50% (+/-10%) in each classroom.
  • Advancement/retention: Enrolled students being considered for grade advancement or retention.
  • Children of staff: Children related by blood, marriage, or legal adoption of current full-time staff.
  • Siblings: Siblings of offered/enrolled students. Siblings are children related to one or more of the same parents by blood, legal adoption, or legal guardianship.
  • San Francisco residents: Admission shall be open to all students in California, with admission preference given to residents of San Francisco.


CACS actively recruits a diverse student population whose families support the school’s mission and educational philosophy. CACS strives to attain a racial and ethnic balance reflective of the city of San Francisco.