Shop! Mingle! Music by Parlor Tricks! Cold Refreshments! Raise $ for CACS! YES!Join us  FRIDAY NIGHT 6:00pm-8:00pm at SkunkFunk! 

What a Friday night fundraiser? YES! % of sales will benefit Creative Arts! Thank you Yukiko & Kyle (3rd grade parents) for hosting our fun families and contributing to our school!

Where is SkunkFunk? OH YES! A cool, little clothing shop located at 323 Valencia. Check out their collection:

MUSIC TOO? YES! Parlor Tricks, the world’s first and foremost industrial ragtime band ( & former CACS parents). Sultry vocals, resonator guitar, double bass and drums, it’s vaudevillian in its delivery, dark and soaring at once. Now touring to promote our latest release: Was I Drunk, and other love songs. Parlor Tricks does for syncopation and stomp what Led Zeppelin did for Thermin, what Lady Gaga did for bubbles. Thank you Julian & Caitlin ( CACS 2nd grade parents) for sharing your auction item with our community! Thank you Parlor Tricks! 

Check out Parlor Tricks!

So are you going?! YES! See you there!